Jennifer Beall — Payroll Fraud?

Remember when we broke the story about long, long, very long, time Rancho Santa Margarita city councilman/Mayor Tony Beall and his wife Jennifer Beall being found guilty of campaign finance violations? We also covered the shenanigans with her state representative puppet Laurie Davies. Who can forget her long list of shady machinations as a mover and shaker in South Orange County politics? So what are these paragons of virtue up to now?

The scuttlebutt about the Bealls a few years ago was that Jennifer was running around with $2 million in cash and wanted to buy another home. I heard this from multiple, independent, and unrelated sources, but I don’t have proof of it myself. They ultimately bought a beachfront place in Cabo. Jennifer likes to post to social media about going there. A LOT. Just a small sample:

Must be nice to have a couple of homes worth $3-$4 million, but even with all that wealth, it’s not enough for Tony Beall. He continues to pick up tens of thousands for sitting on some zoom calls but still finds it necessary to bill them for driving 11 miles so he can get an extra $6.

What does that all have to do with Jennifer Beall and potential payroll fraud? Well, it’s to set the stage so you understand how deep the problem is with the Bealls, which makes this information very plausible. I just had an anonymous source send me over several complaints that have been filed with the state, one of which is about Jennifer Beall. This person or group (not me, Jennifer has me blocked on social media) has been really scouring her social media as well as her payroll filing records and discovered that she was charging for work while she was on vacation. I include a couple of images of the complaint and supporting dates below:

Whoever put this together certainly could have organized the data better and explained their complaint in more detail, but they have certainly been doing their homework. The irony here is that Jennifer hires people to do this kind of thing to her political enemies, but for some reason, it didn’t occur to her that they’d do it to her too.

Did Jennifer Beall commit payroll fraud? We don’t know for sure, the investigation is ongoing. Given that her husband Tony is a lawyer, I’m sure he’s working on a response, although I’ve seen his responses to these before, as with their campaign fraud convictions, and he isn’t very good, so we will see. Given their history of skirting ethics and the law, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but I will get back to you with the results once they are in.



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Shawn Gordon

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