Laurie Davies and Jennifer Beall Collusion

Shawn Gordon
3 min readFeb 16, 2020

Remember when we talked about Republican Central Committee member and wife of RSM city councilman Tony Beall? Yes, Jennifer Beall who we know is a mover and shaker in Orange County politics, pulling most of the strings you see regarding weird endorsements and attacks on fellow republicans. She was recently found guilty by the FPPC of campaign finance violations and fined and she is the architect behind Laurie Davies campaign to unseat fellow republican and Assembly incumbent Bill Brough. We now see Jennifer doing everything she can, both under her own name, her flunky Aaron Parks at Right On Daily Blog and her fake FB profiles to drag Laurie across the finish line. Until very recently Jennifer would list her occupation as Political Consultant, but in her $4600 donation to Laurie, she says “Homemaker”. That’s a damn large donation for a homemaker to be making, it almost seems like the money might just be flowing through her from other sources, it certainly makes you go hmmm.

There are groups filed with the state that is actively opposing Laurie as you can see here (I am in no way connected to the group).

The reason we care is that Laurie truly is a financial disaster as I illustrated in this previous article, but the rot and mismanagement goes even deeper, the Voice of OC wrote about several of the problems:

Audit Uncovers Cost Overruns in Laguna Niguel

Laguna Niguel City Council Resists Professional Auditing of Vendor Contracts

Laguna Niguel Moves to Review Contracts Amid $2.1 Million Maintenance Increase

Laguna Niguel Postpones Sending DA Allegations Staff Misspent $410,000

How are these items the work of a fiscally conservative republican that will help reign in the out of control spending in Sacramento?

  • Siemens Industry no pre-approval from $5,200 to $245,000.
  • Nieves Landscape Inc. no pre-approval from $466,000 to over $1,000,000.
  • RGI Landscape no pre-approval from $273,000 to $626,000
  • West Coast Arborists trimming city trees excess of $410,000
  • Westamerica Communications Inc., recreation brochures $54,766

With that in mind, consider in her Q&A on Facebook with Mark Newgent on February 13, 2020, she says self-internal audits are not right. You can find that statement at the time stamp of -21.41. Yet she says that for her overspending violation she will do a self-internal audit and not have an audit done by an outside firm as recommended. The city of Laguna Niguel has gone through six city managers in seven years working with Laurie. This is a sweet gig, high pay, awesome benefits, people don’t want to leave these jobs normally. It seems like they might be concerned about buried skeletons. Under Laurie Davies, not a single one of these projects was on budget.

If Laurie didn’t already have a trail of disasters behind her I’d feel sorry for her being manipulated by Jennifer Beall like this. Using years old and long disproved allegations against a quality Republican Assemblyman to not only perpetuate her only desperate grasp to cling to power, but also to literally ruin the life of a man whose only crime was to try and keep the TCA to their original mandate. There is certainly an underground river of money that is floating around that makes all these local “leaders” keep buying into the crazy plans from the TCA. Did you know they are trying to turn carpool lanes into toll lanes now? They call them “managed lanes” because that polled better.



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