The Lies of RSM Councilman Beall

There are a variety of types of liars and different reasons that people lie, for some time now I had thought that RSM Councilman Tony Beall was a pathological liar, which is briefly defined as:

‘Pathological liars are people who lie as their response to any stimuli. These people are “good liars” because they practice constant lying and making up stories so often that it becomes difficult to detect their falsehoods.’

However Tony isn’t a very good liar because he lies about things that are so easily checked, he also lies when it isn’t necessary, he tends more towards the “compulsive liar” category:

‘Compulsive liars lie for many different reasons. Unlike the pathological liar, compulsive liars are easier to figure out. Their stories don’t usually have a ring of truth to them. They also display obvious lying behaviors, such as breaking out into a sweat, avoiding eye contact, rambling or tripping over their words. Some types of compulsive liar personality disorder are the habitual liar and the narcissistic liar. Habitual liars are people who lie all the time. In fact, lying has become a habit.’

I covered and debunked Tony’s libelous statements about me here and here and what I’m going to do in this brief article is show yet another one of his lies being debunked. The most recent proof is this statement that Tony made in his most recent revenge porn fantasy screed:

Before I address that comment, understand that libel and slander are very difficult cases to win and the loser pays the winners legal bill, which Tony knows, which is why he feels free to libel me in such a carefree fashion (note: Libel is written lies about someone, Slander is spoken). If I were to bring a libel case, he would simply file a SLAPP motion, which is briefly described as:

“SLAPPs are Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. These damaging suits chill free speech and healthy debate by targeting those who communicate with their government or speak out on issues of public interest.”

So, to his point. What antics? What is it that costs $10,000? To the larger point of division and cost for a recall, he should just resign if the loves the city so much, he’s been on the council for 15 years already. Anyway, I emailed the city clerk to get a copy of the bill as well as the council approval for the expense if it existed, you can see the response below:

Basically, this says that whatever this $10,000+ is, is something that is in Beall’s mind and is not an actual expense. Now the rest of Tony’s lies in his post are at least based on accusations that other people have made about him, for some reason he claims I made them, which is again easily proved false, so why is he bothering to do that? In this case, he is making up an expense of $10,000+, for no reason, he isn’t responding to something, he is just simply creating it out of thin air, this brings us to the matter of “pensions”, let’s look at a screenshot from Tony’s post:

Well, first, I never claimed anything, I’m reading what is on the city website, and I’ve never said a word about spiking pensions, he’d need to prove that one, but let’s look at the city website that lists compensation:

It says “Pension Costs” very clearly and the city has been admonished by the OC Grand Jury on this topic in the past. What’s weird is that this has been pointed out to him many many times and he continues to fail to address the fact that it says “Pension” right on the city website. Now Tony goes on to say:

So that “Pension Cost” seems like it could possibly be that “approximately $60 per month” that Tony mentions, but if that is the cost of the 457 in lieu of social security, then that sure seems like it is a pension. Notice how Tony conveniently left out the “Other Pay” which is nearly $19,000 a year. I’d love to see a breakdown of each of those categories, how much has been put in and how much the current value is.

So to sum up, we see that Tony has blatantly and provably lied in these two instances, and for no reason as both are easily proved false. For the rest of his lies, he would need to provide backup to support his malicious and libelous allegations. For anything he alleges that involves the city, such as emails or public records requests, well, anyone can request copies of the information from the city and prove to themselves that Tony is lying. Tony Beall is a lying liar that lies, it is up for debate if he is a pathological liar or a compulsive liar, I think he exhibits pathology from both categories. You can’t believe a word this man says, it is time for him to step down from the city council.

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